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Creativity, Peace of Mind

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Category: Creative Learning Resources

Creative Learning Resources

Elementary Resources for Learning and Teaching

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  • Robot Themed Consonant Blends

    Taught in groups of 6.


    3 easy steps

    1. Write the blends

    2. Words with the blends

    3. Sort the blends


    A Blender and fruit cut outs for a fun craft.

    A robot coloring sheet at the end.

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  • Teaching Controlled “r” can be so fun! I used this technique

    to teach these sounds and my students really enjoyed seeing each

    “craftivity” come to life. View Video HERE 

    This set is a ZIP file.

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  • Here is fun collection of Digraph Team Boxed Crafts.

    Watch the assembly video here


    You will get 1 Box template.

    You will also get

    Words, Clipart (black and white and colored) , and Blank shapes for 8 Digraph Teams


    sh (Shirt Clipart)

    wh (Wheat Clipart)

    th (Thumbs up clipart)

    ch (Chipbag clipart)

    kn (Knot clipart)

    ph (Phone Clipart)

    ck (Crack Clipart)

    wr (Wreath clipart)

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  • Teaching  vowels doesn’t have to  be complicated. This Handbook was tested with a group of  4 year old’s. Which proves if you have the right system the concept can be taught and learned.

    If your child knows the short vowel sounds, the consonant sounds, and understand the art of blending sounds to make new words, they are ready for this Handbook.

    Each vowel letter is taught the same way. Repetition is crucial when learning new things. Each step in learning the long vowel sounds is done with A, E, I, O and U.

    Allow your student or child to go at their own pace. They will soon catch on and be eager to work on the  pages, as they will remember how they are done.


    Thank you for choosing this Handbook.

    The Creative Learning Everyday Team

    102 Pages in this Download

    PDF File No Physical Product will be sent you

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  • Dry Eraseable, use over and over again. Environmentally friendly. Helps kids learn letter and number formation quicker and in a fun way. Thick lamination, bright colors, and bound in book format. No need to print the same letters and numbers.

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  • No more square flash cards! How about making one of the oldest, yet effective study practices engaging and fun?

    This listing is for 31, shaped cards. PDF format and JPEG format.

    Shapes included: apples, pumpkins, mugs, broccoli, cookies, candy, cars and truck, Pencils, shoes, strawberries, speech bubble, winter hats, shoes, t shirts and quite a few more.

    8 Play Mats PDF (Bookbag *pink and green*, basket, plate, dresser, road, cupcake stand, jar)

    1. You can print them blank (colored paper or white) and laminate, cut and use as dry erase cards or use as counters.
    2. You can type (in Adobe Reader using the signature feature), print and laminate for a lasting set for sight words or number recognition.

    Use for small group and play “card games”.

    So many possibilities.

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  • Here is a set of Sight Word stories to work on fluency and reading comprehension. The Stories have fun topics and also have a variety of cvc words.

    • 10 Worksheets
    • East to read font
    • Jpg format
    • Print as you would a picture
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  • Encourage writing with these cute themed journal pages. Options include No clip art with Drawing box, no clip art without drawing, and clip art with or without a drawing box.

    18 pages





    ice cream

    fruit and more

    ZIP File

    Formats: Word file, PDF and JPEG

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